Wig Care with Mare, get to know me!

Welcome to Wigsmiles, this is a unique Internet wig boutique by yours truly. Mare is my name and I am a licensed cosmetologist specializing in wigs. What do you mean specializing in wigs? Well my friends, I cut, trim, and thin your wig to meet your individual style. Wigs are a personal journey and navigating hair loss is stressful. So let me be your personal wig consultant. Complete the contact me form via email at wigsmiles@gmail.com and request your free wig consultation. You and I will work together to find the right style that makes you feel like you. I am a one stop shop, you will purchase your wig from my boutique, I will customize it for you and ship your new crown of hair which is all included in the price of the wig.

A little glimpse into my life. I have struggled with lazy, fine, hair from the cradle where they had to tape a bow to my head LOL. Through my teenage years my hair was so sparse my scalp would burn. Although my scalp no longer gets sunburned because I have a beautiful mane of protection which is my wig. While parading about with my do nothing hair-do, I had the joyful experience of going to the hairstylist to tell me, that I have bald spots in-cert giggle with sarcasm 🙂 So at 47 years young I got serious and turned in my baseball cap for flowing locks of synthetic hair. Was I freaked out and nervous, oh yes I was. Always in my mind, I was thinking oh they know it is a wig, I look funny; but lets get real, I could blind them with my bald spots or dance the happy dance of hair.

So I waltzed into cosmetology at 48 and worked with some amazing mentors in the industry. And now I take my show on the road to you. Sharing my dream of conquering the fear of wig wearing and hair loss. It would be my privilege to work with you. All consultations are private and mailing is too.

And just FYI, wigs are not just for hair-loss there is a piece of ease, time management and glamor that wigs provide for you, but that is for another blog discussion. Please check-out all my social media platforms that are linked to this website. I will deliver weekly videos and blogs.

Oh and one last important thing; “humor is the life line of the soul”, I love to laugh, while I take wig care seriously I am a person who enjoys to laugh out loud and have fun. So remember to walk with a smile on your face and laughter in your heart. Peace be with you 🙂

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