Wigs on back order??? Supply Chain Drama???

Email wigsmiles@gmail.com

Before you hit purchase, email wigsmiles@gmail.com because sometimes wigs are on back order. I want to provide you with the best customer service with the most up to date status on the wig you want in the color you desire. At http://www.wigsmiles.com you are my wig friend, we are working together, so email wigsmiles@gmail.com and let’s talk wigs. When you email wigsmiles@gmail.com, my goal is to return your email with an updated status within 24 hours Monday through Thursday; emails received on Friday, Saturday or Sunday may take a little longer. The wig world changes quickly, colors come, and colors go, styles are in fashion and styles are out of fashion, sometimes supply is greater than demand and sometimes demand is greater than supply; by emailing wigsmiles@gmail.com you will get the most up to date information without the hassle of debiting your card then me crediting your card. #CustomerService #SupplyChain #WigCareWithMare

I will stand by my work ethic to provide you the best wig customer service. I am a small business owner getting my Internet Wig Boutique up and running. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for shopping at http://www.wigsmiles.com

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What to expect, I post a “What Wig Will I Wear on Wednesday?”, featuring me in a new do. I post daily introducing a wig. New Wig Videos happen at least once or twice a month. So, let’s do this, let’s be wig friends. Let us enjoy this hair journey together.

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